On the eve of the release of her memoir What Happened, Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeing the price of her books already slashed by 40 percent by leading retail book sellers.

Publisher Simon and Schuster set a price of $30, but retail giants Amazon and Walmart are selling copies at $17.99. However, this is likely helping her sales on Amazon, where the book currently ranks #1, and the Kindle version is ranked #2.

Much of what’s in her book has already been reported on, thanks to leaked copies and excerpts that have been discussed for weeks now.

After word has gotten around that her new tell-all is really nothing more than a laundry list of reasons why other people, countries and situations were to blame for her shocking defeat, even her biggest donors in Hollywood are reportedly distancing themselves from the would-be POTUS.

“You think it is a coincidence that she’s not coming to town?” asked a producer who was a repeat contributor to Clinton’s campaign in an interview with Deadline. “Come on, she knows she is toxic here right now. They took everyone’s donations, made a lot of promises, and then left everyone holding the bag when she lost.”

The producer, a Democrat, noted that Clinton’s multi-city book tour kicks off September 18 in Washington D.C., where her first venue is already sold out. However, her 15-stop tour schedule has planned for only one event in California, which is supposed to take place in Davis on October 9 at Jackson Hall, but her book tour website gives no details or a way to purchase advance tickets.

During the election, Clinton often rubbed elbows with deep-pocketed donors in California, where big names such as Disney boss Bob Iger and Jeffrey Katzenberg held a slew of fundraisers for her in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Clinton won the state by a strong double-digit margin over Donald Trump in November, but she lost in other keys states and the Electoral College — where it really mattered.

In previews for the book and a series of media appearances, including CBS Sunday Morning, Clinton has placed some of the blame for her loss to Donald Trump on a variety of factors. She has attempted to take some personal responsibility, but the two-time Presidential hopeful may have burned bridges with more than a few of her Hollywood supporters. As they wait to get their hands on What Happened to see if they are mentioned, some insiders told Hollywood writer Dominic Patten that they are frustrated with the re-emergence of Clinton’s penchant for throwing shade on others in order to explain her own inadequacies and alleged crimes (such as mishandling classified information on an unsecured computer network or why Americans were murdered in Benghazi).

During her session with Jane Pauley on Sunday, Clinton targeted ex-FBI Director James Comey and the email server scandal, white nationalists, and Trump’s “deplorable” appeal to an angry (and sexist) American public. She also threw her own team under the bus, including Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party, as well as primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin and Russian hackers, Barack Obama and DNC tech support.

“The forces that were at work in 2016 were unlike anything that I’ve ever seen or read about,” Clinton said in her first significant TV interview since the election on Sunday. “It was a perfect storm.”

“It’s the same old Clinton mantra of it’s someone else’s fault and how much money can we rack in?” a studio executive told Patten at the Creative Arts Emmys, referring to the “divisive” attitude she has displayed since she began promoting her 512-page tome, which was published by CBS subsidiary Simon & Schuster.

Starting the day after the Primetime Emmys, Clinton’s book tour will visit Michigan and Wisconsin, both states she lost, with VIP packages of up to $2,000 at some stops.

She has already vowed that she will not try to run for POTUS again, but in her interview with Pauley, Clinton suggested that she envisions a role for herself on the political stage, because she believes that the future of our country is going by the wayside.

“Don’t the Clintons get it that we all need some down time from them?” one frustrated insider said to Patten.

You can expect to see Clinton all over your television in the coming months, with appearances already scheduled for The View on September 13, CBS’ The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on September 19, and The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on November 1. Her book tour will conclude in Vancouver, Canada on December 13, after stops in Portland and Seattle.

“Hillary still has a lot of support here personally, but she is not a leader in the party anymore,” confided one former backer who noted that the biggest Hollywood donors are looking for the next Obama. “Maybe it’s Kamala Harris, maybe it’s Elizabeth Warren, maybe its Corey Booker. Maybe it’s someone else, but it is not the candidate who lost an election that was supposed to be a done deal, I can tell you that for sure.”