Knowing Donald Trump is currently in the lead and that the election is going to be a close call, Hillary Clinton is making any attempt to attract Latino voters.


The Clinton campaign is hoping that Donald Trump’s stances on immigration and the Democratic Party’s push to register the 27 million Latinos eligible to vote, will cause the Hispanic community to show up to the polls in large numbers this November.

Experts say that if Trump can make draw in strong numbers from his base of white, working-class voters then he might not need much of the Latino vote to win the presidency.

This has left Clinton’s Hispanic surrogates urgently pleading with their fellow Democrats to go out and vote. They know Donald Trump has a very good chance of winning this election.

“Our weakness in this country is that in the past there have been Latinos who are eligible to vote who are not registered to vote,” Rep. Linda Sanchez of California to the Hispanic Caucus at the DNC on Wednesday. “The only way we’re going to get the problems in our community addressed is to increase our numbers.”

Sanchez has called Latinos the “sleeping giant” that “has woken up,” and added that she believes Clinton’s positions on issues like immigration, the economy and education will get Latinos to go out and vote for her this November.

Clinton campaign staffers say their colleagues in her offices throughout the U.S. are actively working to register as many Latinos as possible, especially in crucial battleground states.