Defeated former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted out a Twitter post on Wednesday, in remembrance of the presidential election one year ago in which she lost to Donald Trump.

One day after President Trump’s inauguration, on January 21, millions of women took to the streets across the nation in protest via the infamous “Women’s March.”

Liberal activist and actress Ashley Judd made headlines at the Women’s March event in Washington, D.C., when she went on a rant against President Trump by reading a poem that proclaimed she was a “nasty woman” and referred to Trump as Hitler. Trump had referred to his opponent, Clinton, as a “nasty woman” at the final presidential debate. The slogan caught on among Democrats and Hillary Clinton was all on board.

In her tweet, Clinton shared a tweet from a group called Nasty Women Serve which stated, “One year ago, @HillaryClinton became the first woman ever to win the popular vote. Today, in honor of that legacy, we’re launching the Hillary Rodham Clinton Day of Service.”

On its website, the group declares, “On November 8th, nasty women all over America will celebrate Hillary and her legacy with the first annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Day of Service (Ms. Rodham if you’re nasty).”

The group is calling for “nasty women” to give five minutes, five dollars or recruit five friends to donate to Black Lives Matter; call Congress to “reject the NRA’s radical agenda;” start a fundraiser to promote abortion; volunteer for Planned Parenthood; join a #Resist meetup; host a Nasty Women house party; or participate in several other leftist efforts.

Clinton responded to the campaign by tweeting, “Love this. What a great way to spend November 8th—or any day, for that matter!”