Now you see it, now you don’t.  Updated paperback version of Hillary’s book, “Hard Choices” is missing entire sections which touted her support for certain positions that she now claims she’s not in favor of.

Hillary Clinton’s publisher has zapped 96 pages from the new paperback edition of her book, “Hard Choices,” some in a way that completely changes her positions on certain issues just months before the presidential election, reports the Daily Mail.   Instead, a disclaimer has been added to the copyright page, stating that “a limited number of sections have been cut to accommodate a shorter length for this edition.”

Most notably, the book dropped the entire description of her support for the TPP trade agreement, which Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley had blasted her for, and for which Donald Trump has been outspokenly against.  When she was Secretary of State, Clinton’s position on TPP was the same as Obama’s, and she gave at least 45 speeches supporting it, according to CNN.  In one speech in Australia, she said TPP “set the gold standard in trade agreements.”

In the original book, she wrote, “We worked hard to improve and ratify trade agreements with Colombia and Panama and encouraged Canada and the group of countries that became known as the Pacific Alliance — Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile — all open-market democracies driving toward a more prosperous future to join negotiations with Asian nations on TPP, the trans-Pacific trade agreement.”

That was all removed from the book.   Now, she has a different answer.   On Oct. 7, Clinton told PBS, “As of today, I’m not in favor of what I have learned about it.  I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the agreement, but I’m worried,” she said.  ‘I’m worried about currency manipulation not being part of the agreement. We’ve lost American jobs to the manipulations that countries, particularly in Asia, have engaged in. I’m worried the pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits — and patients and consumers fewer. I think there are still a lot of unanswered questions.’

Donald Trump has been saying from the very beginning of his campaign that TPP is not a good deal for the U.S. and as President, he will not approve it.

RNC spokesman Michael Short said, “the fact that Clinton’s own memoir is reinventing itself for the general election shows the lengths she will go to mislead the American people.”