Remember when the media had a field day with Donald Trump only raising $4.5 million instead of the pledged $6 million for the veterans’ fundraiser this past winter? Well earlier this week, a group of disheartened veterans began protesting outside of Trump Tower over the failed raised $1.5 million, verbally demeaning Trump for his misrepresentation of the actual money raised. However, it’s been reported by Breitbart News and the Daily Beast that Hillary Clinton organized the group of veterans to protest outside of the building against Trump.

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The protest was actually a coordinated effort, led in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to embarrass her Republican rival for his failed efforts to raise money for veterans. It only looked like a grassroots demonstration,” The Daily Beast reports.

“We’re not affiliated with any campaign, we’re not affiliated with any organization,” veteran protester Alexander McCoy initially said to the press. But then McCoy retracted the statement, admitting the Clinton campaign organized a conference call that brought together attendees to the protest.

“[W]e were more than happy to lend some logistical support to the activists who organized today’s protest and we’ll be happy to do the same for any other veterans who want to speak out against Trump’s shameful disrespect,” said Hillary Clinton’s veterans and military outreach director Jonathan Murray when contacted.

Trump caught wind of Hillary’s involvement and even made a brief announcement about it at one of his rallies. “Welcome to the terrible world of politics,” Trump said to the crowd.