It shouldn’t be to anyone’s surprise that recent events like the Dallas Police Ambush are being taken advantage of by Liberals in order to push for more gun control.

On Friday Hillary Clinton responded to the Dallas Police ambush by pushing reforms for police departments and more gun control.

Liberals are trying to push the reforms in hopes of preventing officer-involved shootings like the ones that took place in Falcon Heights, Minnesota (Philando Castile) and Baton Rouge (Alton Sterling).

Clinton said, “We do need police and criminal justice reforms to save lives and makes sure all Americans are treated equally in rights and dignity.”

According to Roll Call, Clinton also called for more gun control. She said “actions” are needed “to address gun violence.”

President Obama has also used the Dallas Police ambush to call for more gun control. On Friday, the day after the ambush occurred, Obama said he was “horrified” by the attack and then gave forewarning that a gun control push would be coming. On Saturday Obama also criticized Texas open carry laws and tied police officer safety to the passage of more gun control.

The Black Congressional Caucus (CBC) is also using the Dallas Police ambush to push for more gun control. They are calling for a ban on AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines. Just like Clinton and many liberals, the CBC continued to criticize police for officer-involved shootings of young black men.