Media reports about Hillary Clinton’s declining health have been shunned as a “conspiracy theory” by the left-wing outlets. However, conspiracy theory or not, it’s very evident an important person on Hillary’s campaign trail has vanished from the spotlight after being exposed on the internet.

The unnamed “handler,” who’s dressed as a Secret Service agent, has been photographed and videoed next to Clinton holding a “pen” of sorts. Upon closer inspection, the pen is actually a syringe, or better medically termed as a Diazepam Auto-Ejector Pen.

And what are these pens used to treat for? Seizures.

Twitter was quick to expose this handler, and since then he has not been seen on the campaign trail. The Clinton campaign warded off the whole shtick as rubbish, and claimed then pen was actually a flashlight. The video below by the Conservative Tribune gives detail about the mysterious handler: