As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton headed up U.S. participation in a Russian technology program called Skolkovo, according to a report by a government watchdog organization, the Government Accountability Institute.  

Clinton’s State Department recruited U.S. companies to join in the project, such as Google, Cisco, and Intel.   Breitbart reports that out of the 28 U.S. Russian and European companies participating, 17 of them were Clinton Foundation donors or had paid Bill Clinton for speeches.

The FBI warned several technology companies in 2014 that their involvement in the program could be a means for the Russian government to access sensitive or classified U.S. technology.

Breitbart reports that John Podesta, who is now Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, was an executive board member of a small energy company, Joule Unlimited, who also received the FBI warning about Skolkovo.   Two months after Podesto came on board, the company received a $35 million investment from a Russian government fund, Rusnano, connected to Vladimir Putin.

 It is unknown how much of that money Podesta received, but the GAI report said Podesta was on the board of three Joule entities, but he only listed two on a disclosure – the most important entity, Joule Stichting, was not listed.

Reports Breitbart: “The FBI and U.S. Army sounded the alarm bells about Skolkovo being a threatening pathway for Russia to accelerate its military technological capabilities. Why Hillary Clinton’s State Dept and her campaign manager were tied up in this raises serious questions that demand answers and transparency.”