Retired DHS agent says case he developed may have prevented both the San Bernardino attack and the Orlando attack if his investigation had not been shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Philip Haney, newly retired Department of Homeland Security agent, has informed WND News that the mosque where Orlando gunman Omar Mateen worshipped, the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, Florida, has ties to the case he was personally working on.  

From WND:  As a member of one of the National Targeting Center’s advanced units, Haney helped develop a case in 2011 on a worldwide Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaat, as he recounts in his new book “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”

Within a few months, the case drew the “concern” of the State Department and the DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office because the Obama administration believed it unfairly singled out Muslims. The intelligence, however, had been used to connect members of the movement to several terrorist organizations and financing at the highest levels, including for Hamas and al-Qaida.

Since the Orlando massacre, Haney has discovered that the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce is part of the same network as the case he was investigating.   According to Haney, when Clinton’s State Department halted his investigation in June 2012, they also ordered the deletion of 67 records related to a report on the Institute of Islamic Education.

Haney said this is the very kind of information that counter-terrorism analysts use to connect the dots and identify potential terrorist threats.

“The FBI had opened cases twice on him, and yet they found no evidence to charge him,” Haney pointed out.  “It means they didn’t go through the same basic, analytical process that I went through over a three- or four-hour period in which I was able to link the mosque to my previous cases.”

Hillary Clinton implied it was lax gun laws that allowed “people being watched by the FBI to buy a gun.”  In fact, the FBI had reportedly closed their cases on Mateen.  The Chicago Tribune reports that “reasons for the closing of both cases stem from internal restrictions on FBI investigations.”

People can’t board planes with full shampoo bottles—but people being watched by the FBI for terrorism can buy a gun, no questions asked?


Hillary Clinton referred to both San Bernardino and Orlando attacks yesterday, calling for stricter gun control, when as Secretary of State, she had stopped an investigation that retired DHS agent Philip Haney says could have prevented both attacks.

In Orlando and San Bernardino, terrorists used assault weapons like the AR-15 to kill Americans. We should make it harder for them to do so.