Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has a lot on his plate, and the Trump University case seems to be the heftiest meal. Trump has been receiving brutal criticism from the liberal media and GOP elite for saying Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage will make him a “conflict of interest” and biased. In fact, the only one to truly support Trump’s defense is discredited liberal and failed commentator Piers Morgan.

As of Sunday, Trump has a new supporter in former Hispanic Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. “Trump has a right to ask if Judge Gonzalo Curiel is fair,” said Gonzalez. The former AG claimed Curiel’s heritage due to Trump’s recent proposals could be verified as a conflict of interest, especially since Curiel has ties with racist super group La Raza.

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“There may be other factors to consider in determining whether Trump’s concerns about getting an impartial trial are reasonable. Curiel is, reportedly, a member of a group called La Raza Lawyers of San Diego. Trump’s aides, meanwhile, have indicated that they believe Curiel is a member of the National Council of La Raza, a vocal advocacy organization that has vigorously condemned Trump and his views on immigration,” writes Gonzalez.