“Coming out” as a Hispanic Trump supporter to family and friends is often greeted with disbelief and criticism, but more and more are taking the plunge anyway. Earlier today, we ran a story about how Chinese-Americans have started a movement for Trump, too.

Natalie is a 22-year-old college student whose family is from Columbia, and says she’s not ashamed to vote for Trump. Her family was “uneasy” when she told them, but she’s not backing down. She is part of a growing vocal Hispanic minority that is speaking out in favor of Trump, according to Fox News Latino.

Unlike the many Hispanic voters around the country who wave Mexican flags and clash with police, this pro-Trump Hispanic minority is willing to risk ridicule to defend Donald Trump.

In a May poll conducted by Fox News Latino, 23 percent of Hispanics said they will vote for Trump.  The support is just what has happened naturally – the Trump campaign has not yet launched any type of targeted campaign toward the Hispanic community, but they are talking of doing so.  The RNC also has paid Hispanic staff on the ground in nine states that the Trump team will be able to utilize.

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Another Hispanic supporter, Carlos Guerra, 24, is the son of Mexican immigrants who loves near the border in Laredo, Texas.  He said, “Our town is sick of the violence from Mexico,” and applauded Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border.     Some of his family also support Trump, but “they’re not as loud about it.”

I have talked to a lot of people and of course they criticize me – they ask, ‘Do you hate your race?’  I feel discriminated against, honestly,” said Guerra.

This Latino in Puerto Rico isn’t ashamed to say he’s going to vote for Donald Trump: