While going through some of the comments on DMLNews, and I saw one from a T.Miller that I believe warrants both an answer, and a screenshot.

Here is the question from T. Miller about Facebook blocking me from my account.

Regarding FB and you being blocked DML, I have a question. You continue to say you’re in FB jail. Others I’ve known who’ve been in FB jail are told exactly how long they’ll be punished and exactly the date & time they can return.

Has FB given you any indication of when they’ll let you go live again? If not, I suspect they’ve locked you out permanently from being able to go live.

I hope you’ve been making plans to battle them, given the amount of money you’ve spent with them. Please reconsider using the connections you have to bring this matter to light. Conservatives everywhere are being shutdown, unfollowed or censored constantly. They don’t have your connections or reach.

Please do the conservative public a service and take up this “Free Speech” cause. You may be the only one who can expose what they’re doing. Our complaints are falling on deaf ears! Thank you and God bless!

— end of message —

DML: I will provide answers in bullet point style.

— I remain blocked from my Facebook personal user account. It has been now a week.

— In order to have a FB business page, one must have a personal user account with FB. Without access to my personal page, I do not have access to all my business pages (DMLDaily 1.1M, FightingForTrump 230k, DMLReport 6k).

— Starting last week, I could not access my personal user account. When I tried to log in, I was sent to a page that reads: “Security Check.” The page prompted me to request a code be sent to my phone. I did this, but the code did not work. I tried over and over again, but it never worked. Each day I try, and each day it fails.

— I tried to appeal the decision with Facebook. Sadly, FB will not allow me to appeal. When I try to submit the appeal form, FB claims the form is incomplete. I tried using another computer. That didn’t work — they claim there is no account associated with my email address or cell phone. (Yes, this is the same cell phone number they display when asking me to request a code.)  Confused?  Yes, I am too.  It appears someone is playing games with me.

— If I cannot access my personal account, then I cannot get to my business account. This prevents me from doing any LIVE programming. So, I cannot do the Walk & Talk, nor can I do The Truth. I cannot do a LIVE show at all.

— My business pages remain active on FB. Although I cannot see or access them, the members of TeamDML have full access, and the people who LIKE our pages can see them.

— My 3 oldest children all work for me, and all three are listed as admins on my business pages. For some reason, Facebook removed my son from the admin panel a few days ago, and they disabled his account altogether. Why? We don’t know. He hasn’t use Facebook on a regular basis. His account was created solely for the purpose of working on our Facebook pages. Did they cut him out to hurt me, or to keep me from doing LIVE programs via his account? Probably. They have NOT contacted my son via his email.

— Each of the DML writers have access to my business pages, as well as our IT person. That is how the page is operating as this very moment. The writers are publishing the stories, not me. If I write a story, I have to ask a writer to post it for me. It’s annoying!

— People say I should open another FB account under an alias name and have my kids list me as a admin to the page. No. I will not do that. For starters, Facebook’s rules state that an individual may only operate one personal user account. As far as I am concerned, I already have a personal user account that bears my real name. I am not about to break the FB rules, nor will I pretend to be someone else. I do not play those sort of games.

— Facebook NEVER sent me any warning. They NEVER sent me an email stating my “crime.” They NEVER sent me any sort of information regarding my account being blocked. I have no idea how long they will hold me from the account.

— The only reason why I know that I am “restricted due to spamming” is because a FB sales rep who has worked with me in the past inquired on my behalf.

— The reasons FB gave to him are total BS, and everyone at FB involved knows it. I DO NOT USE my personal user account. Therefore, I do not “abuse” the “friends request” tool, and I do not post “unrelated links to other pages.” I do not SPAM.

— Keep in mind, the block came the very next day after DML supporters began emailing “[email protected]” to complain about being “unliked” from my page.

— Among the other conservatives with my level of name recognition and account size, such as Ben Shapiro, Dick Morris, Jay Sekulow, etc…  NONE of these people have the issues I have with Facebook.  Maybe it’s because I draw bigger crowds? I have no idea.

— I will not call upon my media friends to help me. I want to see where this goes, and how far FB will push the envelope. You may not agree with me on this, but I am not going on the radio and or on TV to cry over being blocked from Facebook. I can battle my own wars.

— I have no plan of just letting this go, however. I cannot get into greater detail right now, but when Thanksgiving is over, I will be meeting with my lawyer. I plan to fight this very HARD. But, I am not going to fight back in the same way others have before me. It never works. What does that mean?

It means that when someone with a recognizable name or decent following gets locked out of FB, the person goes to the press. The press makes a fuss about how FB is being unfair to conservatives and then PRESTO — the person in FB jail is suddenly free to use the platform again.

I guess that’s good for the person who gets out of FB jail, but in the bigger picture, the problem remains the same — nothing gets solved. FB continues to mistreat people, conservatives and paying customers.

Thus, I want to handle this differently. Yes, I want to be reinstated, but I also want the ongoing and never-ending BS to stop. Therefore, I plan to fight FB even if it means we go to court.

— As for broadcasting LIVE. I would much rather be Facebook’s friend — I do not want to be their enemy. But I did not start this fight. And I will be damned if I spend $500k on ads and equipment to use Facebook LIVE according to their rules, and then, on any given moment be turned off without warning. Right now, I am losing market share, revenue, growth opportunities, and time. It all equates to MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars in losses.

— As a conservative, I feel I am forever being discriminated against because of my political beliefs. I plan to fight for myself, and for my fellow conservatives, large and small.

— I have hundreds of screenshots, thousands of comments and emails, and recorded phone calls to back up my case. Remember, they’ve been doing this to me FOR YEARS.

I hope my answer helps clear some of the fog. I have not shared all my thoughts or plans herein, but I hope it’s enough to kill the questions that loom.

That said, we will start going LIVE on YouTube in December, or until this Facebook crap ends.  Longterm, we will find another way altogether.

Meanwhile, below is another example of how they screw with me at FB.  They deleted my LIVE video claiming I used illegally used licensed content from CNBC.

(1) There was no content from CNBC in the video and (2), even if there was, it would be covered under fair use laws.

Bigger point being… they deleted the video over a claim that was totally bogus.