The Associated Press sued the State Department in 2015 for Clinton’s schedules during her term as Secretary of State.   Now her long-time aide, Huma Abedin, has admitted that Hillary put some of the schedules “in the burn bag.”

“If there was a schedule that was created that was her Secretary of State daily schedule, and a copy of that was then put in the burn bag, that . . . that certainly happened on . . . on more than one occasion,” Abedin told lawyers representing Judicial Watch, the conservative organization behind the emails lawsuit.

Forced to testify under oath last week, Abedin was asked by a Judicial Watch attorney, “And during your tenure at the State Department, were you aware of your obligation not to delete federal records or destroy federals records?”

The New York Post reported that Abedin was not pressed for additional details.

Richard Grenell, a former State Department diplomat, said, “I spent eight years at the State Department and watched as four US ambassadors and two secretaries of state shared their daily schedules with a variety of State Department employees and US officials.”  He said the law requires that daily schedules become public records.