An illegal alien who was set for deportation in the state of Nebraska is now being charged with four counts of sexual molestation of a child. Victor Garcia-Fuentes allegedly abused his victims over the course of several years, according to court documents, and even tried to intimidate witnesses and victims from jail.

Garcia-Fuentes is in custody at the Douglas County Jail. Held on immigration charges by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he has now been charged with molesting several children between ages 5 and 12.

According to Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, three of the four charges are for illicit contact, and one is an allegation that he penetrated a child.

“So, these are very serious charges,” Kleine said.

According to reports, after Garcia-Fuentes was incarcerated on immigration violations, his alleged victims came forward. Now, prosecutors have additionally charged him with the molestations.

Prosecutors say the illegal alien tried to contact his victims from prison, in an attempt to intimidate them into retracting their statements. Police say they have jailhouse recordings that reveal the suspect contacted an unidentified man and woman, asking for help in contacting his victims and retrieving a hidden cell phone.

Informed that his contact’s phones may be under surveillance, Garcia-Fuentes reportedly said he would send a letter, prompting investigators to search his cell and belongings to potentially locate written instructions.

“There’s always concerns with victims, the victims’ families, and law enforcement that somebody might try to intimidate victims, intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify,” Kleine said.

Garcia-Fuentes denies the allegations, and denied knowing the children. He will next appear in court on Nov. 27.