While he was campaigning for president last year, one of the ways Donald Trump chose to connect with his supporters was to hold huge stadium rallies.

The Trump events attracted thousands of people who were willing to stand in line all day before spending a few hours hearing the billionaire speak about how he planned to “Make America Great Again.” This sort of “feel good patriotic get together” was sorely needed after eight years of Americans being chastised by the former administration for being proud of this country and standing up for American values, which had seemingly changed overnight.

The so-called “silent majority” gathered at Trump rallies and made their voices heard.

Instead of taking to the streets and causing havoc like the progressives, Trump supporters used the rallies as a way to fight back against the mainstream media and the Democrat party who were attempting to elect another U.S. President who would be just like Obama, if not worse.

Since becoming president, Trump has continued the practice of holding campaign-style stadium rallies, and they continue to serve the same purpose. Because in the face of widespread protests and a media that viciously attacks the President and his administration at every turn, the President’s supporters still need a place where they can applaud the man they proudly elected into office without feeling the outspoken disdain of Democrats.

Founder and CEO of DML NEWS said, “When the summer is over, Trump needs to do more rallies.  Not only does it help dictate the narrative, but it shows how much support he has despite the fake news and negative headlines the media tries to push.  He has to get the base revved up — this is the fight of our lives.”

Last week, Charles Krauthammer of Fox News said the rallies show the world Trump still has an army of support. Krauthammer, who is no fan of the president, realizes the importance of the rallies and said it’s a great tool for Trump to use.

Dennis Michael Lynch continued, “Trump supporters have to urge President Trump to get on the road and pound away at the Make America Great Again message. He should use the stage as a platform to encourage people to call their representatives in Congress and demand they do a better job. It would be a brilliant idea on his part, because cable news cuts away from all other programming to cover him live. It’s much more effective than Twitter.”

Have you ever been to one of President Trump’s rallies? If not, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like. Here are some accounts from people who have attended Trump rallies across the country:

Mike and Rachel Gooder, horticulturalists from Cresco in Howard County, Iowa, attended a massive Trump rally in June, which took place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “It was one of the highlights of my life,” recalled Rachel. “I was thoroughly impressed, first of all, with the way he put it on. And what Trump said; he was so down-to-earth and didn’t talk over people’s heads. I have so much more respect for him than what I had before. He was so easygoing. It was almost like he was talking to us and not giving a speech.”

Mike added, “It was gratifying to hear him speak about what his goals are. … His goals resonate well with just the average citizen. We want to be secure. We want to have opportunity. We want a future for the next generation. And we want our freedom.”

More than 20 hours before the arena doors opened for President Trump’s August 3 rally in Huntington, West Virginia, was Patricia Morgan, 70, of Brooklyn, New York was one of the first ones to arrive after spending nearly an entire day on a bus to get there.

Like the Deadheads who followed the Grateful Dead band years ago, Morgan has been to four other Trump rallies across the country. “I’ll do anything for Trump,” she told reporters. Wearing an iconic red “Make America Great Again” hat and a Trump shirt and button, Morgan loves the fact that the president wears his heart on this sleeve and speaks his mind.

“He’s a good person,” she says, adding, “He’s not perfect, but he’s got a good heart. He does everything he can to make America better for us and our families.”

Other supporters, who had never heard Trump speak in person, said that they were excited to hear his famously “off-the-cuff” remarks.

“He stands for all the things that the average, hardworking American people want,” said Pam Ross, 51, of South Point, Ohio, noting that she is looking forward to Trump’s policies bringing back jobs to the tri-state area. “He speaks for the people. We’re all blue-collar, hardworking Americans, and that’s where he won. In this area it’s the drug epidemic (that’s the problem), and a lot of that is jobs. But I think that the people he appointed are the people that we need in those positions to get the jobs back.”