Following the victory that pushed ISIS from their stronghold in Raqqa, allied forces are touring the ominous infrastructure the terrorist group had put in place to facilitate its torturous activities. One of their more troubling discoveries reveals that ISIS militants had transformed Syria’s soccer stadium into a massive torture chamber, reminiscent of the atrocities that took place in Roman coliseums.

The stadium in Raqqa, the ISIS capital city freed by U.S.-backed Syrian forces last week, has been called “The Black Stadium” for its dark, imposing concrete construction. But how it was used as a torture facility for the militant group gives the name a different connotation, The Daily Beast reported.

“The stadium became known for beheading people,” Issa Xabur, a 42-year-old civilian who used to live in the city, told the website. “It was used as a prison. Eighty percent of the people that were imprisoned here were killed.”

Recent photos of the facility show rusted out, destroyed prison cells and torture chambers ISIS built in the stadium’s underbelly.

Pics from the stadium and underneath it. All in one place there was 3 tunnels, a lot of jail cells, a shooting range and a gym. A lot of languages scribbled on the walls. Arabic, kurdish, Russian, turkish and English. @duttenhof takes all the pics. My cameras are broken.

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