Ivanka Trump’s speech tonight, without question, persuaded undecided voters to board the Trump Train. Poised and elegant, Ivanka’s image already outshines a persona of excellence and success for women across America. Her message resonated throughout the convention to cheers and roars of approval.

A video compilation of Donald Trump began before his speech. It contained an inspiring message for all young American workers out there, and for those who value family, patriotism and freedom. It featured Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Trump employees and his family members. After the video closed, Ivanka stepped to the golden laced podium.

She began with how her father prevailed against 16 Republican competitors in the primaries. Ivanka goes into detail about her father’s candidacy transcends past Republican and Democratic identity; it is the identity of the American people.

Ivanka humanizes Donald by flashbacking to her days of being a child, playing on the floor of her father’s office. A strong work ethic and America needing to be great again became a prominent theme of her speech.

Another prominent aspect was how she claimed her father was “color blind” and “gender neutral” when it came to his business approach, and politics. Without question, Ivanka made a strong case for women in her speech about pay equality being a priority of the Trump campaign and their business endeavors.

Mothers will also be happy, as she makes a very strong case for motherhood and employment, and how she will fight right alongside her father to ensure this goal.

“When my father says he’ll make America great again, he WILL deliver,” she resonated to the cheering crowd. “Come January 17, all things will become possible again… my father will be your most loyal champion.”