There’s been one person in particular the media has been anxiously waiting for to comment on the leaked 2005 tape of Donald Trump groping women’s genitals: his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Of course, the Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization called her father’s comments “clearly inappropriate and offensive.”

However, Ivanka is Trump’s daughter, and she further iterates she is glad he apologized, and more importantly, she forgives him.

“I’m glad that he acknowledged this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the American people,” she told Fast Company, a media outlet that pestered her about the subject during an interview.

Ivanka’s role in the Trump campaign has been no doubt a prominent and important one, and the sheepish interviewer of the Fast Company profile referred to her as a “surrogate wife.” This is in reference to the fact that Ivanka is on the campaign trail more so than Donald’s wife, Melania.

“That’s deeply offensive,” Ivanka said of that term. “I feel that that’s a very sexist thing to say.” However, when asked by Fast Company about how she’s handled the criticism from the media during the campaign, Ivanka revealed it’s made her tougher:

“I mean, it’s been a year and a half of enormous scrutiny of my family, every business, every movement, action. But I think that, you know, that sort of comes with the territory. And I think I’ve probably learned a lot through it and I’ve probably grown a bit tougher in terms of my resilience toward what is our thrown our way because, you know, I’ve read some very negative stuff… the greatest comfort I have is the fact that I know my father. Most of the people who write about him don’t. I do.”