Last week, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump fired off at founder Jeff Bezos for influencing the Washington Post to write one-sided publicized articles against him. Trump then accused Bezos of using the Post as a means to avoid paying major taxes to Washington elites by having the publication write in their favor. Well, Bezos has conducted a response towards Trump in a conference speech with… The Washington Post.

At Transformers, a technology conference headed by the Post’s headquarters and its sponsors, Bezos said Trump’s commentary and behavior were “not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave.” The Washington Post then proceeded to interview its own editorial-page editor Fred Hiatt, who claimed the Washington Post newspaper has always been critical of Bezos’ low-tax pay for his online retailer Amazon and that the Post’s position has not changed since Bezos bought the paper.

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However, what is most troubling is clearly Bezos’ influence of intended bias over the Washington Post. “The Post has a long tradition of examining presidential candidates, as it should, and there’s no way that’s going to change,” said Bezos of the 20-person team that was created at the Post to dig into Trump’s life. Yet, the same treatment has not been made for Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. No such team exists for her or rivaling candidate Bernie Sanders at the Post. Regardless of this fact, Bezos believes The Post is playing fair and Trump’s allegations are nonsense.

“Some people would say this is very tactical, to immunize against the media. . . . But I’m very, very comfortable with all of Amazon’s approaches and behaviors, [such as] the way we pay taxes. The political positions we take are focused on our business, and I think highly appropriate,” claimed Bezos.