Vice-President Joe Biden flew to Serbia on Tuesday and received an unexpected “welcome” by a massive crowd of Trump supporters.

Biden had just attended a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton on Monday in Scranton, PA, where he railed on Trump for over 15 minutes, claiming Trump was unfit, unqualified and untrustworthy.

The people of Serbia obviously do not agree with him, and they let it be know.   Hundreds of Serbians marched through the streets of Belgrade, denouncing Biden’s visit, wearing Trump t-shirts and chanting “Donald Trump, Donald Trump!”

The Washington Post reported that Biden went to Serbia to encourage the country’s government to normalize relations with Kosovo… but the people of Serbia haven’t forgotten Biden’s support for the NATO bombing of Serbia in the 1990’s.

The Serbian Trump supporters were actually not allowed near the area where Biden was visiting, but they still got their message out.