Vice President Joe Biden, despite aligning himself with President Obama and the Democratic Party, is a person that’s hard not to like. Sure, his opinions and policies stride along the lines of the liberal agenda, but Biden all around is a bubbly and happy guy. Considering he’s a gentleman who lost a wife, a one-year-old daughter, and a son, and is someone who has an amicable personality and cares for America, Biden is basically a shining poster boy for the Democratic Party.

So why on God’s green Earth did the Democrats champion so hard for Hillary Clinton and not Biden?

With enough persuasion and motivation, Biden could have ran with plenty of popular support as the Democratic presidential nominee. Not only would he please establishment Democrats, but Bernie Sanders fans would easily transition their support to him if he racked up enough delegates to outpace the Vermont senator.

Essentially, Biden would have posed more of a threat to Donald Trump in a presidential race. Why did the bumbling blockheads of the DNC choose corrupt, lying and non-transparent Hillary over Biden, who polls pretty positively amongst Americans? Maybe the American people will find out in more revealing leaked emails to come…

Here are reactions to Joe Biden’s speech: