There are plenty of Republican politicians betraying the GOP by skipping the RNC. However, Gov. John Kasich is the most traitorous of them all.

Not only is he joining the ranks of elites by being temperamental over their feelings about Donald Trump, but the most embarrassing aspect of Kasich’s skip is that he is the GOVERNOR of the state of Ohio, where the convention is being held. He was even offered a speaking spot and reportedly refused it. What kind of Republican, regardless of differences, skips one of the most important events regarding America’s future over sore feelings?

On top of that, Kasich has made no effort to try and temporarily halt gun carry permits out of safety for people attending the convention, specifically after the recent cop shootings across the nation. Some say, even though Kasich would still have his hands tied, he would’ve at least tried to make the temporary order or a televised plea if it was any other candidate.

Instead, Kasich is letting his stubbornness disregard the safety of Americans attending the event. The big irony is that tonight’s theme is “Make America Safe Again.” If anything sinister unfolds, Kasich will definitely have a slice of the blame.