In the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama GOP candidate for the United States Senate, his wife, Kayla Moore, held a press briefing in Montgomery on Friday morning.

Despite the fact that the Republican National Committee has pulled all financial support from Moore’s Senate campaign and a growing number of GOP leaders have called for Moore to drop out of the race, Mrs. Moore announced that he would not be stepping down.

“I have been married to my husband for over 32 years,” Kayla Moore said. “He was a graduate of West Point and served our country in Vietnam and he has always been an officer and a gentleman. He is a loving father and a grandfather. Most important, he is a Christian. Let me set the record straight. Even after all the attacks against me and my family … he will not step down.”

She thanked supporters in Alabama who have steadfastly stood by her husband, and slammed the media for publishing the claims, which she maintains are false.

“The Washington Post just called everybody I have ever known for the last 40 years,” Kayla Moore said. “They have called everybody my husband has ever known for the last 40 years. They print whatever anyone says without checking to even see if it is correct. They have staked out our county and are basically camping out to the end of this election. So, to the people of Alabama, thank you for being smarter than they think you are. They will call you names and say all manner of evil against you. I would say, consider the source.”

A growing number of women have come forward, accusing Moore of sexual misconduct towards them in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when they were teens and he was in his 30s.

Mrs. Moore quipped that President Trump should be thanking them, as the scandal has at least taken the focus off Russia.

“I personally think [Trump] owes us a thank you,” Kayla Moore said. “Have you noticed you are not hearing too much about Russia? To the president, I would say, ‘[N]ow is a good time to get things done in Congress.’”

Watch video of her remarks below: