On Saturday, we wrote about how Donald Trump criticized Judge Gonzalo Curiel for his means of presiding over the Trump University case. Sunday morning, Judge Curiel made an immediate response to the criticism by voicing a statement he is seeking to release the internal Trump University documents,  called”play books” for running the enterprise, to the public.

The play books detail how the venture worked, how Trump University events were run, and how to sell programs to customers. Trump University ran from 2005 to 2010, with about an enrollment of 10,000 students across the nation. Unfortunately, Trump University was not an overall success for Trump, since two class action lawsuits from San Diego students claim they were defrauded and a separate suit was filed by the New York attorney general.

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Trump’s attorney, Alan Garten, responded to some of the students claiming the Trump University course information was worthless. “All we can do is provide the tools for people to go out there and apply these things,” Garten said. “I can’t control what happens out in the real world. If someone goes and takes our classes and decides to sit on their couch and not apply them, I can’t help that, OK?”

Trump’s legal team requested the internal documents remain unreleased to the public, considering within the document there are valued trade secrets. Judge Gonzalo Curiel has ruled he does not agree, claiming there is public interest now in this case. One of the documents ordered released, the 2010 playbook, has been published online. Curiel ruled the unsealed versions of the playbooks (with phone numbers and some email information redacted) should be released before Thursday.