Written by DML
Earlier today, I was told by my contact at Facebook that the “lock” on my account was escalated to higher authorities within the company.  Hours later I was reinstated.  My account is officially back on as of 5:30pmEDT.

That said, make no mistake, I will not fall into the trap of forgetting about what took place this week.   Fact is, I should not have been locked out.   I did nothing wrong, and I ALWAYS abide by the Facebook rules.

Conservatives are treated poorly by Facebook.  It’s always been the case, and it remains to be the case.  Thus, I do not and will not accept what took place this week without an explanation.   I will be meeting with my lawyer next week in Manhattan to discuss theoptions for pushing this matter forward.  At the very least, I want a meeting with someone from Facebook’s management team.   ALL conservatives need to be treated better by Facebook.  I won’t back down on this!

In the meantime, I want to thank all of the loyal DML fans and supporters who make our websites, and our APP, and our Facebook pages so great.   I often use the term “Team DML.”   I use it because we consider YOU part of our team.

Our supporters give us such an immeasurable amount of respect, support and love that results in a family-like atmosphere not found anywhere else on the internet.  When people ask me, “Who is Team DML?”  I reply, “Team DML consists of the most loyal, smart, and honest Americans in the United States, hands down.”

On a complete side note, I am proud to announce that since we brought attention to the 4-year-old girl in New Jersey who has an inoperable brain tumor, more than $7k has been donated over the past two days to help Lena’s family.   I thank you for stepping up.

I conclude by declaring I am taking this week off to be with my family for Thanksgiving.  However, I will be holding a Facebook LIVE tomorrow at 11amEDT via my cellphone.  Until then, may God bless you, our troops, our president, and these United States.  And may he bless Lena and her family.  And may he also bless every person — -AND THERE ARE MANY — who sent me emails and comments of support last week, and who contacted Facebook on my behalf.   You are truly loved by my family and me.  Thank you.


PS — I thank my contact over at Facebook for being a champion in my corner.  He knows who he is!