In a narrow 216-212 vote, House Republicans approved the Senate’s version of 2018’s $4 trillion budget resolution Thursday morning, paving the way for work to begin on President Trump’s goal toward major tax reform.

The budget includes $1.1 trillion for defense and nondefense discretionary spending, routine disaster relief, and the ‘war on terror’ funding.

Passage of the budget will allow Republicans to start work on the overhaul–which adds up to $1.5 trillion to the deficit–through a practice that only requires 51 votes to pass in the Senate, known as reconciliation.

The House approved the budget with no alterations on Thursday. In an extremely close vote, a total of 20 Republicans voted against the legislation, where they could only afford to lose 22 votes.

The Hill reported:

“The morning budget vote followed a dramatic evening of pushback within the Republican party over a proposal to eliminate State and Local Tax deductions (SALT). The backlash from members representing populous, high-tax states had threatened to block the budget’s passage unless a suitable agreement could be reached during a late-night meeting.

At the last minute, the meeting was canceled and the budget vote was scheduled for early morning, indicating bullishness on the part of the GOP leadership.”

President Trump has already tweeted his approval, shooting out a simple message that said, “Big news – Budget just passed!”

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