Details of the life Paul Manafort lived while he raked in tens of millions working for the Ukrainian government are pouring out following his indictment Monday, and court documents reveal he spent over $12 million on shopping sprees, antiques, Range Rovers and housekeeping.

Between the years of 2008 and 2014, Manafort tapped into monies he had stashed in offshore accounts at will, funding a more than luxurious lifestyle. It was found that Manafort personally laundered $18 million in payments, mostly using accounts located in Cyprus and the Grenadines.

Eight pages of the indictment detail the other lavish expenditures Manafort made over the years.

They include:

  • $5.4 million to a home-improvement company located in the Hamptons, where Manafort owns a mansion in Bridgehampton
  • $1.3 million to a home-automation, lighting and home entertainment company in Florida
  • More than $272,000 for payments on at least four Range Rovers and a Mercedes Benz
  • $934,350 to an antique-rug store in Alexandria, Va., plus an additional $100,000 purchase
  • Nearly $850,000 on men’s clothes in New York and another $520,000 to a clothing store in Beverly Hills
  • Nearly $820,000 on a Hamptons landscaper
  • $623,000 to an antique dealer in New York
  • $20,000 for housekeeping in New York

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