If Kanye West’s 2020 presidential announcement wasn’t absurd enough a few months ago, the rapper and self-acclaimed “artist” has released a music video Friday night for his single “Famous.” In the video, West depicts current presidential nominee Donald Trump lying naked in a elongated bed, along with a few other notable figures who are also photoshopped in their birthday suits: his wife, Kim Kardashian West; former President George W. Bush; Vogue editor Anna Wintour; singers Rihanna, Chris Brown and Taylor Swift; producer Ray J.; former girlfriend Amber Rose; transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner; and comedian Bill Cosby.

The rapper’s explanation for the controversial video is apparently simple: “It’s not in support or anti any of the people in the video. It’s a comment on fame. Maybe in some alternative universe me and George Bush could have been friends. I could have been his O.J. Simpson black friend on the golf course.”

Whatever you say, Kanye. Expected lawsuits for defamation are surely imminent. At least when Trump uses his fortune, it’s to make America great again and not produce scanty videos. WARNING: A screenshot is below of the video, though their is nudity:

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 2.21.57 PM