Kathy Griffin is planning a comeback in the U.S. which will include a stop in President Donald Trump’s home turf, according to a report in The Washington Examiner. Griffin announced her plans Friday for what will be her first U.S. appearance since she created a controversy with a nasty photo shoot that caused cancellations of her shows across the country.

Griffin infamously posed for a photo holding a bloody head that resembled the president, a move that she thought was funny but which sparked outrage across political lines.

Vanity Fair reports: In what’s been almost a year since her controversial photo with a bloodied Donald Trump mask went viral, Kathy Griffin has retreated from the national spotlight, save a contrite interview or two. Because no one in this country would book her and she was fired from her job as Anderson Cooper’s co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, Griffin has been touring internationally, doing shows in 23 countries since the incident.

Speaking Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”  Griffin said that she had a “small, victorious announcement.”

Griffin said, “I’m dipping my toes into touring again.”

From the Examiner: She explained how “even though the Trumps and nobody [else] wants me to work again,” she had just booked two shows earlier in the day.

“I’m going to do a show at Carnegie Hall in New York, and I’m also going to go right to Trump’s backyard and do a show at the Kennedy Center,” she said. The Kennedy Center is located in Washington, D.C.

Griffin didn’t share dates, but soon after tweeted out a link for the Carnegie Hall event (see below).

Griffin has previously accused Trump of using her stunt “as a tool to distract from his bad news of the day.” She also accused Trump and his family of being bullies when they reacted strongly to the offensive photo.

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