Mr. Khan, the Constitution waving pawn of the DNC, and the man who is dishonoring his son who died in Iraq, continues to continue with his anti-Trump rhetoric.  According to Dunyanews.TV, Khan appeared on a show and spoke in Arabic about Donald Trump and how Allah is causing him to fail.

ISLAMABAD: (Dunya News) – The father of martyred United States (US) soldier Captain Humayun Khan, Khizr Khan, has on Thursday said that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unacceptable to the US. He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever, reported Dunya News.

Talking exclusively to Dunya News on program Nuqta-e-Nazar, Khizr Khan said that he often gets emotional while speaking in public but when nature wants you to do something, words come by themselves. He said hisspeech was a gift from the God. “I showed the constitution only because I wanted to remind people that nobody could be discriminated against in the name of religion”, said Khizr.

Khan said that Donald Trump actually exposed himself by criticizing him. He added that Donald Trump’s words were stupid. “All citizens must be equal before the state. All immigrants are against the stupid Republican candidate”, he said.

The father of the martyred soldier paid rich tribute to the martyrs and soldiers of Pakistan through Dunya News.