Some Latino students at McDowell High School in North Carolina are mad after a senior prank in which 30 students built a wall made out of boxes blocking access to an area in the school. The students were allowed into the school on Wednesday night to perform the prank with a teacher supervising them.

The photo was shared on Instagram and captioned, “We built the wall first.”

Other students shared the photo with the hashtag “#buildthatwall” and “#thewallwillgoup” with an American flag emoji. The student sitting at the front and center of the photo is wearing a “Trump” t-shirt.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.41.56 AMBut the wall didn’t go over so well with two Latino students who met with the principal on Friday to discuss the photo and what they called “racist comments.”

Marta Guardian and Johnny Campos said Principal Edwin Spivey met with them and apologized. They also say he agreed to meet with them again on Monday to discuss ways to try to “repair relationships.”

Oliver said the 30 senior students involved will not face any disciplinary action for the prank or the photo.

Seeing the photo made Guardian cry.  She said, “Most people don’t know what other people have to go through to get here.”   What makes the prank harder for her to accept is that the students got the cardboard boxes from the local store where she works.