Another Republican with a highly decorated track record will lend support to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. While he is not the most liked person in a crowded room, this man has incredible influence in the Republican Party that could benefit Trump greatly in the forthcoming election.

Majority Leader and Senator Mitch McConnell will be giving his full support to Trump, learned in an interview CBS News journalist Jan Crawford.

Crawford asked, “Do you think Donald Trump can win?”

“I do,” said McConnell.

“Are you going to support him?”

“I am.”

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Crawford then asked McConnell about the ruffle in politics Trump has caused since entering, and asked him about the GOP’s divide over Trump like those who claimed they are on the “Never Trump” team.

“Well, one thing I’m pretty calm about is that this is nowhere near the most divisive period in American history,” McConnell said. “But what protects us in this country against big mistakes being made is the structure, the Constitution, the institutions. No matter how unusual a personality may be who gets elected to office, there are constraints in this country. You don’t get to do anything you want to. So I’m very optimistic about America. I’m not depressed about the nature of the debate.”