If you are a Donald Trump supporter, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank believes Hillary Clinton was correct in calling you deplorable. According to Milbank in an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, it’s statistically factual that half of Trump supporters are indeed deplorable…

“As a matter of statistics, it is probably true that people expressing racist sentiment … constitute more than half of Trump supporters,” Milbank said to Baldwin. “You actually can unpack those numbers. It’s really quite shocking. Something like 62% of white voters have these sorts of sentiments, and by better than two-to-one, they vote Republican.”

Milbank is basing his data from collected research by the American National Election Studies.

Clinton said in a statement Saturday, before her pneumonia episode Sunday, that she regretted labeling half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorable.” She further iterates though that she vows to continue to call out supposed “bigotry” in Trump’s campaign.