The Washington Post has recently been on a media tirade against the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, stirring up a firestorm of liberal biased stories. A 20-person team headed by Bob Woodard at the publication have brought to surface a 1991 phone recording of Trump spokesman “John Miller.” The phone conversation was between this spokesman and Sue Carswell, a reporter at People’s Magazine inquiring information regarding his love life.

The claim being made against Trump is that the spokesman Joh Miller is actually Trump himself. the recording sounds like Trump, in tone and vocal context of the business mogul. However, whatever the Washington Post is trying to make of this story is pointless and clearly liberalized to demonize Trump. Trump denies these allegations, but even if they were true, the better question is: does it matter?

Radio host Laura Ingraham doesn’t think so. She ripped into the media coverage over this story, telling listeners the media are treating this like it’s Watergate. “No, [this] doesn’t matter,” Ingraham said. “It’s stupid. But this is going to happen.”