The liberal media just can’t seem to stop. On the heels of the New York Times failed attempt to discredit Trump by using the ‘war on women’ narrative, the left-leaning website is trying to use ‘The Apprentice’ to paint Trump as a racist.

In the article, it is revealed that back in 2005 Trump wanted to try a social experiment where teams would be divided by successful white contestants on one team and successful black contestants on the other for the new season of the popular television show.

“Whether people like that idea or not, it is somewhat reflective of our very vicious world,” Trump said. Of course, the liberal media are having a field day now by bashing Trump with this story, completely ignoring the fact that shows like Family Feud and Survivor have done similar stints.

Family Feud has black families go against white families all the time, and Survivor had one season where the tribes were split up based on ethnicity. Yet, there was no outrage there. Not to mention, this was only a suggestion by Trump as an interesting social experiment to reflect the business world of society, not a racist agenda as the media is now portraying it.

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Renee Graham, a black Boston Globe columnist, even wrote that Trump’s idea would make for “nothing short of revolutionary, must-see TV.” She further comments “in dividing the Apprentice teams by race, there would finally be a reality show nervy enough to deal with one of the more difficult dilemmas of our own reality, and where the ultimate stakes would be far more important than just determining who gets to be the Donald’s latest lackey.”

To imply too that the show would be disenfranchising African Americans is wrong. Omarosa, one of the more popular contestants on the reality show from her days of butting heads with Trump, is one of Trump’s most loyal supporters. Omarosa is a black woman, and she is highly successful. In the end, the liberal media has now spun something as an interesting concept into an all-out race issue, yet again.