The liberal media can’t seem to layoff trying to create old stories of Donald Trump and his involvement with women into refreshed “shocking news” bites. Now, the latest on the hit list is the late Princess Diana of Wales, who died in a car crash in 1997.

A clip was released on Tuesday morning from the Piers Morgan interview with Donald Trump, where Morgan brings up an old story from 2000 of Trump telling radio host Howard Stern he would have slept with the late princess. An article by NBC News sharing Morgan’s video clip wrote the story, and its title, as if Trump was “lusting” over Diana and was vehemently pursuing her.

Trump tells Morgan: “I read that story that I was calling her. It was so false … I did respect her, but no interest from that standpoint… I can tell you so many of these stories are just false.” Trump adds he respected Diana and found her “quite lovely.”

Really NBC? Digging up a story like this one where the princess herself isn’t even alive to defend her side or to make the record straight? And what’s the point if Trump did say he wanted to sleep with her 16 years ago? Ultimately, Trump is heading down a presidential path, and for news media like NBC to continue harping on ludicrous stories is getting ridiculous.

Maybe they will do an exposé on Hillary enabling Bill’s infidelity? Doubtful.