Democratic attorney Alan Dershowitz told Fox News “Outnumbered” host Melissa Francis Monday that he feels Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gone way beyond his authority as a prosecutor in his investigation of the alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Mueller has demanded that the Justice Department provide documents regarding the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusing himself from the Russian probe.

Mueller is also scheduled to interview several White House officials. Dershowitz said the people Mueller are investigating may have committed “political sins, if they are sins at all,” but “they are not crimes.”

Francis stated to Dershowitz, “FOX News is also learning that Mueller’s team is scheduled to interview more Senior White House officials in the coming weeks, including White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, White House counsel Don McGahn, and a close aide to the White House senior advisor Jared Kushner. You wrote the book on all of this, what is your take on this latest development?”

Dershowitz responded, “I think it is very worrying, it shows that Mueller is going well beyond his authority as a prosecutor and is trying to make a case that the obstruction of justice by engaging in constitutionally protected acts. The president is entitled to fire the head of the FBI, the president is entitled to direct his Attorney General who to investigate and who not to, that is what the law has been since Thomas Jefferson directed his Attorney General to go after Aaron Burr. If we want to change it, we should change it by legislation or constitutional amendment but you can’t change the law by having a prosecutor make a crime out of something that is constitutionally protected.”

Watch the complete exchange below: