Ivanka Trump is a pretty cool mom. Not only did she have her third newborn child last March, but she also is the Executive Vice President of one of the most successful businesses in the entire world: the Trump Organization. She’s recently been in the news for defending her father, presumptive GOP nominee Donald, against the liberal media. But now, Ivanka is under fire from the leftists, and they’re not just targeting her; they’re targeting her kids too.

Ivanka instagrammed a photo of her two other children this weekend,  daughter, Arabella, 4, and son Joseph, 2, cuddling exotic animals: a white tiger cub and fluffy baby monkey. The caption of the picture read “When you say no to a dog (for now!!) and your children set their sights on exotic animals instead. #TBT ??.” The picture is cute and adorable, but of course, liberals are now attacking Ivanka and her kids for the picture.

They comment that the animals aren’t meant to be treated as “toys or pets.” Some commenters then started taking aim at her brothers’ hobbies of game hunting. “This is so wrong,” fumed one commenter. “Endangered animals are not pets.” Another commenter took aim at her brothers, “Just don’t let your brothers near these beautiful animals #TrophyHunters!”

Yep, even a cute and innocent picture needs to be ridiculed, attacked and nitpicked by the liberal media. The picture can be viewed below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 4.37.02 PM