This is definitely not something you usually see on C-Span. James Weeks, a candidate for the Libertarian Party chair position on Sunday in Orlando, FL, danced and stripped down to his thong before leaving the stage amid choruses of boos. “I’m sorry, that was a dare,” Weeks said about his musical striptease performance. This was Weeks’ “formal” announcement that he was dropping out of the race.

At the Rosen Centre Hotel, Weeks’ announced “I thought we could use a little bit of fun” as he began dancing while removing his suit, tie, shirt and pants. He was then only wearing his underwear and socks. The crowd quickly became less enthusiastic in their reactions as the striptease progressed.

“Is this what it means to #LegalizeFreedom? I have officially seen too much stripping at the Libertarian Convention,” said Stephanie Ebert on Twitter.

“The Libertarian Convention is a circus. 2+ minutes of a naked guy dancing on stage,” said Joe Jordan on Twitter.

“Oh dear. I wish I could unsee that striptease that one joke candidate for LP chair just inflicted upon us,” said Greg Peele also on Twitter.

Looks like the GOP convention in July can take tips of what “not to do” with their entertainment performances, since Donald Trump plans to make it a Hollywood inspired affair. The video of Weeks stripping can be viewed below (if you dare):