John Nadler is a lonely Trump supporter, as people in his hometown who he has known for nearly three decades will not even look him in the eye.  They grimace in disbelief at the Trump hats on the dashboard of his car, the signs in his yard, and the Trump shirt he wears.  Mr. Nadler, 63, said people he’s known for years will just nod.   He’s considered a traitor to the community.

Everyone else in the town of Chappaqua, New York is fiercely protective and devoted to the famous residents who live about a mile away from Nadler – his neighbors since 1999, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Nadler is devoted to Donald Trump, who he has followed and admired since the 1970’s, and he is focusing his daily energies on defeating Hillary Clinton, even challenging local city officials for displaying Clinton’s image on the town website.

Trump Supporter Ralph Nadler 2

Nadler has felt a personal connection to Trump for years. He is a Bronx native who is trained in engineering and building construction, and sees many parallels between himself and Trump.  “Being in construction, I’ve negotiated,” he said.   He has tracked Trump’s entire career, from being dazzled by his restoration of the Commodore Hotel in Manhattan, to never missing an episode of “The Apprentice.”

He says Trump is the candidate he’s been waiting for, and when Trump announced his run for President last year, he agreed with him on issues regarding illegal immigration and building a wall.

Nadler’s wife is supportive of Trump as well, but not as vocal.   The youngest of their three children, 17-year-old Stephen, is the lone “Trump skeptic” of the family, and won’t drive the family car until he hides the three “Make America Great Again” Trump hats from the dashboard.

At the local Memorial Day parade last month, the Clintons marched to applause from the town’s loyal fans, while Nadler was jeered at as he proudly wore his Trump shirt and carried a Trump campaign sign.

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