A Florida man who already has a lengthy criminal record has found himself behind bars once more – this time for making violent threats online against President-elect Trump.

Kevin Keith Krohn, 59, or Pembroke Pines posted remarks on Facebook in response to a picture of Trump with a caption that read, “He’s not my president, He’s an enemy of the state.”  

The discussion thread was reportedly about Trump spending time at his Palm Beach home over the holidays.

Commenting on the picture, Krohn wrote, “I’m just glad Obama didn’t take all our gunz! I see a good use for one now.”

In yet a second comment, Krohn wrote, “The EXPEDITER of Trump! He will never last long!”  Accompanying that quote was a picture of a man in camouflage holding a scoped sniper rifle.

Another Facebook user asked Krohn what he meant by his comment, and he responded, “Keep yer eyes open!”

Local law enforcement notified the Secret Service, who traced Krohn to his home and arrested him Thursday evening. 

Secret service agents reported that Krohn “became confrontational” when they asked if he had made threats against Trump, quoting his First Amendment rights.   They said he “began pacing in the yard, and in a loud voice said, ‘Well then, arrest me!”

Arrest him they did, and U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer ordered during a court hearing on Friday that he will remained in jail at least until a bond hearing next Thursday.  

Sun Sentinel reported that Krohn could face a federal charge of threatening to take the life of a president-elect, or cause bodily harm, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

Agents reported that the laptop computer Krohn was using was open to a story about a recent harassment incident toward Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

Krohn has a long history of arrests in Broward County on allegations including stalking, drug and driving offenses. Records show he served two stints in state prison for a drug offense and for driving with a suspended license.

H/T:  Sun Sentinel