Making Thanksgiving dinner plans turned violent for one Queens family. A report by AM New York says an argument broke out over an invitation to the traditional holiday meal, leaving one man in critical condition.

According to the report, David Williams stabbed his sister’s boyfriend. The incident occurred on Tuesday at Williams’ apartment.

Police say Williams wanted to invite his girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner, but his sister, Dianna Gadson, did not approve of the invite. A shouting match followed, and that’s when Williams became violent and shoved his 66-year-old sister to the ground.

Gadsen’s boyfriend, identified as 61-year-old Silas Stewart, stepped in to defend Gadsen. He told Williams to keep his hands to himself, police said.

“I want you the f–k out of here,” Williams reportedly told Stewart.

“The brother told the boyfriend to leave, then picked up a knife and plunged it into the man’s chest. The assailant then fled in a car,” officials said.

As of Wednesday evening, Williams was still being sought. 

Gadsen’s boyfriend, Stewart, was reported to have been taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and said to be in “extremely critical” condition, according to the NYPD. Gadsen was also taken to the hospital, although the reason for her hospital visit was not reported.