Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump made headlines Friday when the candidate singled out an African-American man at a campaign rally in Redding, California. “Oh, look at my African-American over here! Look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about, OK?,” Trump had said, interrupting his speech to direct attention to a man in the crowd.

Gregory Cheadle, a Republican candidate in California’s first congressional district and the black individual called out by Trump, didn’t mind at all despite the liberal media’s insistence to make a big deal out of it. Rather, Cheadle took it as a flattering compliment.

“I never, ever sensed any racism on his part,” Cheadle told CBS News Saturday. “Looking at it now, I can see on a script — in a transcript, or even somebody watching the clip — I can see how they would jump to the conclusion that it was racist. But I never felt anything at all. It’s a compliment to me.”

Cheadle briefly met Trump when the billionaire waded into the crowd after the event, and the two got to talk about job creation. He calls Trump by “Uncle Donald.”

“We are a super-sensitive people now when it comes to race,” Cheadle said in the interview. “I mean, super sensitive. And we’re so ready to pull that racist trigger and sometimes unnecessarily so. I’m running in a district that’s at least 90 percent white. If I wanted to find racism, I could.”