As the mystery surrounding the Mandalay Bay shooting massacre continues to frustrate people who want answers, a new revelation about security guard Jesus Campos is sure to spark more questions.

Reportedly, Campos left the country just days after the Las Vegas massacre, despite having been shot in the leg by shooter Stephen Paddock.

Customs and Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show that the 25-year-old entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in California — one week after the mass shooting.

It’s unclear how long Campos was out of the country. The documents only show that he reentered the United States.

The young man reportedly crossed the border at the same location back in January.

Campos left the country driving a rental car registered in California.

“It makes no sense. Why would authorities let this guy leave the country in the middle of a major investigation… something is seriously wrong here,” said “The Truth” host Dennis Michael Lynch. “The guy supposedly had a major wound to his leg — how is he driving 700 miles in a car?”

The union that represents him told FOX that they were aware of his trip to Mexico and claimed it was a pre-planned visit. What’s unclear, though, is why the group didn’t report his whereabouts in the days following the massacre.

State records obtained by FOX on Wednesday also showed that the 25-year-old is actually not registered as a security guard with Nevada’s Private Investigator’s Licensing Board.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment when asked what license is required to be a security guard at a Las Vegas casino.

“Jesus Campos is a victim and we don’t speak about victims,” a sheriff’s spokesperson said.