Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban has said it before, and now, in a new interview with The New York Times, he says it again: President Donald Trump was not capable of colluding with the Russians.

“The Russians had no effect on the election,” Cuban said in the interview with Times columnist Maureen Dowd. “Look, if you spotted Donald Trump two pieces of bread and behind him was a refrigerator full of ham, he couldn’t collude with the Russians to make a ham sandwich, right?”

Cuban added, “In sports, matchups matter, right? Hillary was prepared to have a policy-against-policy matchup against a politician. She was not prepared to have a matchup against a movement.”

Trump and Cuban were friends before the presidential election, but Cuban chose to back Hillary Clinton.

“Last time I talked to him was via email, when he asked me why I went negative on him,” Cuban said of Trump. “And I sent him an email back saying, ‘At some point, you have to learn the issues.’ Does he really understand the ins and outs of health care? No, he mixes health insurance up with life insurance, right?”

He sent Trump a congratulations email after he got elected, but said that’s the last time either one has reached out.

In the interview, Cuban talked about how sure Clinton’s team was that she would win the presidency handily.

“They didn’t see it coming at all,” he recalled. “I remember right before the election, they invited me to the party in Brooklyn. I’m like, are you kidding me? You do not plan the parade before you win the championship.”

The interview prodded Cuban about his presidential aspirations, which the billionaire businessman didn’t deny.

Cuban told Dowd that the chances he will run are 10 or 11 percent — for now. He noted that it’s still too early to say.

“Look, there are people who are saying we don’t need another business person,” Cuban said. “But it’s about what you do with it, what you learn, what you can contribute and what value you can add. I’d want to come in with proof of an agenda: ‘Here’s a health care solution and I’ve already paid my own money to have it scored.’”

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