Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) was honored at Glamour magazine’s annual Women of the Year Awards, held Monday night at the King’s Theater in Brooklyn. Speaking at the event, Waters took the opportunity to lead the assembled guests in her infamous chant: “Impeach 45!”

Waters has long been a vocal detractor of President Donald J. Trump and has often called for his impeachment. She was not as keen on impeaching former President Bill Clinton in 1998, calling talk of impeachment unfair and a Republican “coup d’etat” that ignored the presumption of innocence (see video below).

At Monday night’s event, she took to the stage with great energy and passion, saying, “I am so pleased to see the concern that you are showing about what is happening at the highest level of government.”

At 79, she was the oldest of nine women being honored, including actress Nicole Kidman, singer Solange Knowles, late-night host Samantha Bee, model Gigi Hadid, film director Patty Jenkins, fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri of Christian Dior, astronaut Peggy Whitson and Syrian refugee and UNICEF ambassador Muzoon Almellehan.

“I feel so very special,” said Waters after accepting her award. She then addressed “young people,” many of whom were bused in from various schools around Manhattan.

“You recognize when a leader is dangerous — even if that leader is the president of [the]United States of America!” she said, using a tone that “straddled the line between motivational speaker and preacher,” the Hollywood Reporter pointed out.

Waters called on the next generation to not only vote, but to become politically active. “I want you to do everything you can to get ready to run for office,” she said.

“I want you to know that you can stand up to him or anybody else…and I continue to say, ‘Impeach him!'” Waters said. Then, fist raised, she led the crowd in a chant of “Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”

It’s a far cry from 1998 when in December of that year, a divided House of Representatives impeached President Clinton on charges of lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Waters spoke on the House floor ahead of Clinton’s impeachment, saying, “How must our American soldiers feel to have their commander in chief under attack while they are engaged in battle? They have the right to feel betrayed and undermined.”

Waters was unhappy that members were engaged in talks of impeachment “while the commander in chief is managing a crisis and asking world leaders for support.” The circumstances she notes are not unlike what President Trump is currently facing, as he works with world leaders to address ongoing concerns around the world, in general, and specifically regarding North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Waters continued, saying, “Bill and Hillary Clinton are the real targets, and the Republicans are the vehicles being used by the right-wing Christian coalition extremists to direct and control our culture.”

She said Clinton was guilty of indiscretions in his personal life, as well as “outmaneuvering” Republicans, and that she understood Clinton’s plight, bringing up the struggle for fairness she also faced as an African-American woman.

Waters passionately claimed, “The rule of law has been violated … by the denial of the presumption of innocence.”

You may watch Waters argue against the same behavior she is displaying now in the clip below, as well as her chant at the Glamour magazine event.



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