Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg offered Hillary Clinton his endorsement Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. Bloomberg was put up on the stage in order to attract independent and centrist voters to Hillary’s campaign.
In his speech he brushes off the fact that he has disagreed with Clinton’s beliefs. He disregards the fact that she is a liar mixed up with numerous scandals in order to get on stage and degrade Trump’s character. He makes an attempt to slam Trump’s business record even though he is a successful billionaire who has employed thousands.

The way Bloomberg went about endorsing Hillary doesn’t make it seem like he genuinely supports her. Instead it’s almost as if he just has some bad blood or a feud with Trump.

Take a look at some quotes from his speech and judge for yourself:

“There are times when I disagree with Hillary Clinton. But let me tell you, whatever our disagreements may be, I’ve come here to say: We must put them aside for the good of our country. And we must unite around the candidate who can defeat a dangerous demagogue.”

“I’m a New Yorker, and New Yorkers know a con when we see one.”

“We’ve heard a lot of talk in this campaign about needing a leader who understands business. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve built a business, and I didn’t start it with a million-dollar check from my father.”

“Throughout his career, Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits, angry shareholders and contractors who feel cheated, and disillusioned customers who feel ripped off. Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s run his business. God help us.”

“I saw how Hillary Clinton worked with Republicans in Washington to ensure that New York got the help it needed to recover and rebuild. Throughout her time in the Senate, we didn’t always agree — but Hillary Clinton always listened. And that’s the kind of approach we need in Washington today, and it just has to start in the White House.”

“Let’s elect a sane, competent person with international experience.”

“The bottom line is: Trump is a risky, reckless and radical choice and we can’t afford to make that choice. Now, I know Hillary Clinton is not flawless. No candidate is. But she is the right choice and the responsible choice in this election.”