After being slammed in a string of Twitter messages for a false claim in a story about Donald Trump, Politico has corrected their story, with apologies.

Thursday evening, Politico published a story about Trump Victory, the joint fundraising arrangement between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.  The victory fund allows the campaign to take the larger portion of the contributions, but share the remaining proceeds with the RNC and individual state parties.

Politico had claimed that the Trump campaign had not contributed any money from the Victory Fund to the RNC during the month of October.    To make it worse, Politico even tweeted out the headline, “Trump raised $0 for RNC in October.”

Sean Spicer, RNC Chief Strategist and Communications Director, slammed back on Twitter, saying this is not accurate, and as usual, Politico didn’t even contact the RNC before publishing their claim.

The story is now corrected to say that Trump transferred $2.2 million to the RNC in October.

In all, as of September 30, Trump Victory has given $38.9 million to the RNC, and another $10.9 million to individual GOP state parties, reports Politico.

State GOP parties benefiting from the Trump Victory fund include:

  • $341,560 New York
  • $494,260 California
  • $507,347 Missouri
  • $877,804 Arkansas

While the Trump campaign is still recruiting donations directly, they announced this week that Trump is not planning any further high-dollar fundraising events to raise money for the GOP for the remainder of the campaign.