One year after his historic election shocked Democrats who thought they had it in the bag, media-run polls have been claiming that President Donald Trump has hit an all-time low and would face defeat if the election were held today. Of course, they said that prior to the election, as well.

“Two new Zogby Analytics polls show Trump down to just 37 percent approval and losing to former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and also to Michelle Obama, the pick of many for the 2020 Democratic nominee,” according to a report published Thursday in the Washington Examiner.

“Trump has never been above water in his approval polls, but this is as far down as he has been in the Zogby testing. Some 60 percent disapprove,” writes columnist Paul Bedard.

The poll analysis warned that Trump is losing his base. “The biggest problem for the president is that his base is disappearing: 39 percent of males approve/56 percent disapprove; 28 percent of independents approve/64 percent disapprove; 39 percent of voters without a college degree approve/57 percent disapprove, and only 28 percent of union voters approve/69 percent disapprove.”

The poll reveals that only 74 percent of Republicans now approve Trump. This level of confidence is down after being in the mid-80s a few months ago.

Bedard claims the “low approvals played a role in this week’s elections, especially in Virginia where there was an anti-Trump wave.”

All four Democrats polled by Zogby would beat the president, the report states:

  • Sanders has the biggest lead at 51 percent to 40 percent
  • Biden is at 50-41
  • Obama is at 47-44
  • Warren is at 45-43