Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly has never been fond of Donald Trump, and on Wednesday night Kelly got into a heated debate with Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Kelly tore into Conway over the Republican presidential nominee’s past comments about women.

Kelly started the interview out by questioning Trump’s preparedness for the first debate, asking if Trump would employ a new “campaign strategy” by practicing ahead of the next debate.

Kelly then moved the conversation straight into comments Trump has made about women in the past.

“You know he has repeatedly made comments about women, about their looks, their size, their weight, even this campaign, talking about Carly Fiorina’s face, retweeting a negative picture about Heidi Cruz’s face, criticizing Hillary Clinton and her look,” Kelly said. “Kellyanne, this is an issue for him, is it not?”

In response, Conway argued that Clinton is only making this entire presidential race about things Trump has said in the past because she doesn’t have a good record to run on. Kelly then asked why Conway believes Clinton brining up Trump’s record with women is “out of line”

“I didn’t say that,” Conway replied. “I’m just wondering why she’s spending 10s of millions of dollars on negative ads and negative mail pieces and never putting together a positive, aspirational vision.”

“Because she’s killing him with women,” Kelly responded. “And she sees an advantage there, and she’s trying to exploit it. My question to you is whether he needs to come up with a better answer than telling ‘Fox & Friends,’ ‘Well, she [Machado] gained a bunch of weight when she won Miss Universe and she was a real problem.’”

Conway then said Trump should speak to female voters on the issues they care about, such as his childcare plan, healthcare reform, and education. As well ask talk about how many women he has hired and promoted into high position in the Trump Organization over the years.

The Interview between the two can be seen below: